Statement on the new editorial policy

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Taking into consideration contemporary and current needs and ACADEMIC demands for the improvement and modernization of historiography in the domain of underresearched topics, social processes and events in the region of Central and South East Europe and the Mediterranean, the Editorial Board of the journal Istraživanjahas decided to completely change the present concept of the journal in order to align it to the greatest extent with the criteria of other journals on internationally acknowledged lists that value and rank academic periodical publications. Since the basic commitment of the Editorial Board of the journal Istraživanja is to inspire an increasingly necessary, meticulous and comprehensive study of cultural, social and socio-political past of the people in the region that is considered to be the southeast of the European continent, we expect our new concept to enable the publication of articles and studies which in their content and critical approach fulfill the crucial demands of the historical science, primarily in the fields of the dynamic understanding of social processes from the earliest period of human history to the present time. The authors who are willing to continue or begin their cooperation with our journal are expected to employ critical and original historiography in order to see the importance of a contemporary study of the past (with an emphasis on writing papers in English). They are also expected to accept the rules that primarily imply academic honesty in their work, readiness to accept the criticism of other colleagues, the proven expertise and competence in the academic problems under scrutiny, the originality of academic work and its adaptation to the best international practice in terms of originality and authorship. In accordance with what has been stipulated, especially having in mind the tradition and reputation of this journal in historiographical circles since 1971, when the first issue was published, until today, when issue 25 (2014) is submitted to the criticism of the academic and general public, the Editorial Board of the journal Istraživanjahas the intention to choose those papers which to the greatest extent represent original academic achievements which were arrived at by a contemporary critical method. In addition, the Editorial Board will strive to publish the papers which present the research results that fully correspond to the implemented academic procedure, with an implication that there is no possibility of forging ideas and results and that the new and original discoveries are supported by relevant evidence and presented in a clear and understandable way. Whether the papers are written in English or in Serbian and then are translated into English, it is absolutely necessary to acknowledge the contribution of other authors and researchers and previously published conclusions in a comprehensive and critical way while at the same time maintaining the basic principle that the results of the research submitted for consideration in the historical journal Istraživanja have not been previously published.

The Editorial Board of the journal will strive to help as much as possible and in the best way all the authors, to secure and guarantee objective and impartial reviews and to preserve the reputation and authority of its authors in the most professional way.